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The ICPA Planning and Design Hub – News and Updates

The ICPA Planning and Design Hub is an ICPA community to inspire, share and collaborate on the planning and design of humane correctional facilities.

News and updates

  • Total of 94 members with forty two member profiles
  • Eighteen profiled projects including four new profiled architecture projects:
    • New Cuyo Federal Penitenctiary Complex, Cachueta, Mendoza (Argentina)
    • Pacora Youth Rehabilitation Center, Panama
    • Costa Rica’s New Comprehensive Care Units
    • External Units of Incarcerated Mothers With Children
  • 21 resources including two new resources:
    • Hacia Establecimientos Penitenciarios Más Humanos : Un Enfoque Participativo Basado En Principios Para La Planificación Y El Diseño De Cárceles (Spanish)
    • Rehabilitation by Design – Influencing change in inmate behaviour


We greatly value your contributions of new projects, resources and feedback. Suggest your favourite resource or facility design.

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Published on: 06/09/2019

Author: Rohan Lulham, ICPA Planning and Design Hub