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The World Prisons Directory (WPD)

The World Prisons Directory (WPD) is the first global website providing information on penitentiary facilities on all continents of the Globe. Our goal is to create better connections between prison facilities and society.

WPD is created by the Netherlands based company Themis Electronic Systems B.V. and the Themis Foundation on Prison Reform. As part of this undertaking a unique email communication system was launched (, which greatly facilitates communication between inmates and their relatives and friends and thus reduces the social isolation of those serving a term of imprisonment.

For the same purpose, instigators Rob Hollander who has worked for the Dutch Custodial Institution Agency for the last 18 years and Konstantin Antsiferov involved in many projects to improve prison system with his IT background, searched for ways to help relatives to find relevant information on places of detention, including access to the facility, prison conditions, staffing, etc.

The WPD gives you the opportunity to meet, discuss and exchange information about penitentiary facilities worldwide and thus functions as a forum to create a community where people can share (practical) information and add comments about specific facilities.

You can find the facility of your choice by searching by continent, country or region; information provided includes at least general information, visiting information as well as the exact location of the prison facility.

We work hard to provide accurate information, and continuously maintain and update the website. In doing so, we co-operate with ICPA where relevant. You can help us to improve and provide missing information on a prison facility by emailing us to

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