Past Projects

Projects in Partnership for the Advancement of Professional Corrections

European Projects are conducted through the ‘Stichting Foundation’ ICPA Office in Europe, a separate entity that takes part in several projects in collaboration with other organisations worldwide. These projects enhance international cooperation, produce guidance/tools and help develop standards that contribute to the advancement of professional corrections.

‘Stichting Foundation’ ICPA Office in Europe was involved in the following projects:

  • CCJ4C – European Career Counselling Guidelines for Staff Working in the Criminal Correctional Justice System
  • EDUPRIS – Education, Training and Lifelong learning as Dynamic interventions to promote Inclusion and Common values in Correctional Justice for Minors and Young adults with Educative challenges
  • FAIRNESS – Implementation of the Stockholm’s Roadmap in cases of terrorism and radicalisation
  • PO21– European Prison Officers for the 21st Century
  • R2PRIS Project – Radicalization Prevention in Prisons
  • The DIACEN Project – Prisoner Education Projects in preparation for release
  • INTEGRA – Integrated community, probation and prison services radicalisation prevention approac
  • SkillHUBS – Transnational prison up-skilling guidance and training model 
  • The AWARE Project – Multi-agency training for working with prisoners and former prisoners with mental health needs
  • R4JUST Project – Radicalization Prevention Competence Development Programme for Justice Professionals