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“Beyond the Wall” is a newsletter that comprises articles, opinions, interviews, case studies, researches and best practices from contributing authors across our Global Corrections Community. This newsletter is for those who would like to be kept informed with information across the prisons and correctional field and to stay abreast of what’s happening in our Association.

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Newsletter Beyond the Wall - Issue 8 (2024)

The 2024 Spring Edition of ICPA’s newsletter Beyond the Wall is now available. In this issue, we are celebrating ICPA's 25th Anniversary, providing updates on community news and events, and sharing our top picks for must-reads and must-watches. We are also highlighting our Learning Academy and presenting interviews with TIC and IPIC keynote speakers. We are proud to announce the Correctional Excellence Awards 2023 and feature an interview with Xavier Awican Solda. We are also featuring two special articles: ‘’Culture in Healing’’ by BC Corrections and ''Shining a Light in Dark Corners'' by Dr. Ivan Zinger.

Newsletter Beyond the Wall - Issue 7 (2021)


The 2021 Winter Edition of ICPA’s newsletter Beyond the Wall is now available. In this issue: B-competent: International Training Needs Assessment Report of Civilian Prison Staff (Europe); An Investment in Staff Is an Investment in Our Mission (Canada); Looking Back to Move Forward: Improving Correctional Staff Training (USA); Core Correctional Skills. From Then Until Now (Europe).


Newsletter Beyond the Wall - Issue 5 (2019)


The 2019 Autumn Edition of ICPA’s newsletter Beyond the Wall is now available. In this issue: Prisons 2.0 – A Community Version (Portugal), “Think Like a Scientist” Prison Course: Teaching a Way of Thinking (Canada)The reintegration of prisoners by work in Belgium: new management, new perspectives (Belgium)The nature of power in prisons (Ireland)Reframing the Landscape of Justice with California Lawyers for the Arts (USA)Reflections on the 2nd International Correctional Research Symposium: Implications for Community Corrections (United Kingdom).


Newsletter Beyond the Wall - Issue 4 (2018)


Our Summer 2018 Edition of Beyond the Wall features articles on the topic of Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Education. Our featured article comes from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction on “Innovative Approaches to Reentry in Ohio: Chopping for Change and the Workforce Training Experience”, which introduces a targeted upstream intervention that reduces recidivism rates and enhances employment for post-release women offenders.

Also, read about how the Islamic Republic of Iran is reducing its use of incarceration, an Australian education programme which started in 2012 and now reaches across 76 countries, a rehabilitative theatre programme in Singapore, and a skills-based employment programme for brewing that perfect cup of coffee!


Newsletter Beyond the Wall - Issue 3 (2017)


This third edition of Beyond the Wall provides our readers with a 360°  perspective on the news, best practices and the present resources within our community. In the spotlight is the article from Richard Roche “Changed by the job – bringing prison work home”, which focuses on the wellbeing of prison staff and highlights the physical and psychological dangers of the work that they do. Also, read about the launching of the Worldwide Prison Health Research & Engagement Network (WEPHREN), a new sentencing order that reduces recidivism in Australia, examples of effective interagency partnerships, and articles on the latest technologies and innovations.


Newsletter Beyond the Wall - Issue 2 (2017)


In this second edition of Beyond The Wall we have included articles on good practices from across the world. Read about a healthcare initiative in Russia, information on Australia’s latest prisonradicalisation programmes in Thailand, insights on applications of European policies and standards, studies on children with incarcerated parents, current trends in prison planning and design, and an overview of prison reform in Ukraine.


Newsletter Beyond the Wall - Issue 1 (2016)


The first edition of the newsletter “Beyond the Wall” contains articles, interviews, researches and stories on a broad range of topics – radicalisationreintegrationwomen offendersstaff trainingresearch and statisticsmental health disorders and traumatic experience.



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