ID: ICPA2022-PID031 27 Oct 2022
by Dr. Leslie-Anne Keown

Driving Legislative Compliance in Structured Intervention Units Using Real-time Operational Reporting

ICPA 2022 Annual Conference Presentation by Leslie-Anne Keown (ICPA2022-PID031)

Structured Intervention Units (SIUs) were introduced to the Canadian Federal Penitentiary System in November of 2019.  The legislation that covers these units included a number of new standards including minimum requirements for time out of cell and meaningful interaction. During the pandemic, it became important to maintain oversight of these new elements and help sites to improve performance while at the same time working through all the issues and restrictions the pandemic presented. Thus, a series of real-time operational reports were developed to assist sites using a data visualization tool (PowerBI). These reports focused on offers of activities, actual time spent on activities, and the type of activities that were being offered in SIUs with the objective of showing whether or not SIUs were within the standards indicated in the legislation. This presentation will show these reports, discuss their development and use throughout the pandemic, and illustrate how using these types of reports can assist with achieving legislative compliance.