ID: NEWS-120623 12 Jun 2023

New Toolkit by CJJA Aims to Help Juvenile Justice Practitioners Address Gang Violence

The ICPA is pleased to share the recently released toolkit provided by the Council of Juvenile Justice Administrators (CJJA) and the Annie E. Casey Foundation. This toolkit provides juvenile justice agency leaders and facility practitioners with an overview of research and information to help inform their work with gang-involved youth residing in custodial settings.

The new toolkit offers considerations to help fracture the cycle of gang-related incidents in juvenile justice facilities and is designed to help break the cycle of violence within juvenile justice facilities. Gang-induced violence has led to conditions that fuel an increase in the use of force, isolation / room confinement practices, and staff and youth injuries. The toolkit offers policy and practice considerations to help address these issues and provide better conditions for youth in care.  
On an individual level, gang involvement threatens to set youth on a negative life trajectory. Gang involvement steers youth people away from pro-social activities and creates a “ceiling” on opportunities as youth attempt to navigate life choices. The toolkit offers guidance on how to address these issues and help youth avoid the consequences of gang involvement and help juvenile justice agency leaders and facility practitioners better address the issue of gang violence and improve conditions in juvenile justice facilities.
Areas covered by the toolkit include: 
  • Relevant legislation 
  • Influencing factors 
  • Risk factors 
  • Assessments 
  • Treatment interventions 
  • Data intelligence 
To access the toolkit, visit the Council of Juvenile Justice Administrators' website.  
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