ID: NEWS-120424 12 Mar 2024

Spotlight on ICPA's Practice Transfer Advisory Committee: Championing Innovation and Best Practices in Global Corrections

In the ever-evolving landscape of corrections, the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) continues to be at the forefront of promoting innovation and best practices. ICPA’s Practice Transfer Advisory Committee (PTAC) is one of the ways the Association showcases this commitment.

PTAC seeks to highlight and promote innovative practices in correctional jurisdictions around the world. The Committee's role is to support the connection of jurisdictions fostering a global exchange of innovative solutions. Each year, PTAC selects one or two exemplary practices highlighted during the ICPA Annual Conference, with a vision to promote these further across the global corrections community. The projects selected meet rigorous selection criteria, ensuring they are innovative, sustainable, feasible, proven, and diverse, and have the support of the project leaders.
This year, PTAC will be sharing resources on ICPA’s social media platforms, raising awareness, and fostering a dialogue around the topic of Parenting from Prison and Engaging Families.
Relationships, and their impact of change, have been described as the ‘golden thread’ that is essential to prison reform (Farmer, 2017). The impact of family connection and parenting has often been overlooked in the design of prisons, focused on safety, security, and more formal rehabilitation.
In 2024, PTAC is focusing on the concept of family engagement in prison and post-release with the goal of deepening and improving understanding of what good practice looks like in this area and how jurisdictions can learn from one another to improve their engagement of families of prisoners.
PTAC will be sharing resources on ICPA’s social media platforms, raising awareness, and fostering a dialogue on this important topic. The resources will include research or statistics that underscore the importance of the practice, highlights of best practice programs, links to related information sources, events, reports, and video content that provide a variety of perspectives on the issue.
Stay tuned to ICPA's communication platforms, including the website and social media for these valuable resources and updates as PTAC continue to connect and facilitate the transfer of innovative practices under this year's theme. This year promises to be an exciting one for the global corrections community, with PTAC leading the way in promoting the transfer of effective practices.
Let's come together as a global community to learn, share, and promote the best practices in corrections!