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Founding Statements

What are the Founding Statements

At ICPA, we believe in the need to support humane and effective correctional policies and practices, and the necessity to develop and promote policies and standards for professional and humane corrections and prisons worldwide. One of the ways we do this is through the establishment of our ‘Founding Statements’. The Founding Statements of ICPA are developed to be representative of the Association and the wider community’s stance on topical correctional issues. These Founding Statements are the basis on which we rely when we need to respond on matters that require our opinion as an international organisation. We want to ensure that our Association, our Global Corrections Community, remains fair, inclusive and open so that we can stand united and together be the voice which represents professional corrections.

How Founding Statements are established

Each Founding Statement is drafted by Subject Matter Experts, reviewed by the Board and approved by members at the ICPA Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Founding Statements are dynamic and the ICPA membership is invited to suggest changes and improvements.

+ Read ICPA Founding Statements Booklet