ID: NEWS-04072024 04 Jul 2024

Graduation Ceremony Celebrates New Polish Prison Officers and Highlights International Cooperation

Last week, the historic Pilsudski Square in Poland was the venue for an inspiring Graduation Ceremony for Prison Officers of the Polish Prison Service.

The event was graced by the presence of notable figures, including ICPA President Peter Severin, who was invited by Deputy Minister of Justice Maria Ejchart and Director-General Col. Dr. Andrzej Pecka. Leading the proceedings was Justice Minister Adam Bodnar, who administered the oath to a few hundred new officers, marking their official entry into the prison service.
These newly sworn-in officers are now prepared to uphold justice and ensure community safety with dedication and commitment. Their roles are crucial in maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the prison system.
The ceremony also underscored the importance of international cooperation in corrections. ICPA Board Member Kim Ekhaugen and a delegation from the Norwegian Prison Service were present, highlighting the strong ties and mutual support among international correctional institutions. The event provided a platform for esteemed colleagues and friends to come together, celebrate, and reinforce their shared commitment to the sector.
Meeting with the Deputy Minister and Director-General and capturing these moments of pride and accomplishment added a special touch to the occasion. The ceremony served as a reminder of the collective effort needed to support those who work tirelessly in the prison service.
This significant event emphasized the ongoing commitment to international collaboration and the continuous support for individuals serving in this vital sector.