ID: NEWS-040423 04 Apr 2023

What is the secret behind the success of one of the most humane prisons in the world?

Former governor of Halden prison Are Høidal and Nina Hanssen share new insights in their new book about the Norwegian prison system

There has been a growing fascination worldwide with the Scandinavian approach to corrections and imprisonment, particularly since the opening of Halden Prison in Norway in 2010. Visitors from around the globe have flocked to see what all the fuss is about. Nina Hanssen and Are Høidal, the former governor of Halden prison, have collaborated on a book called "Norwegian Prison System-Halden Prison and Beyond," which was published by Routledge in January 2023.
The authors aim to demonstrate how Norway has developed one of the most compassionate correctional systems in the world, if not the most humane. The book delves into the practical implications of this system, highlighting what is working well and what could be improved. By sharing inspiring interviews and stories from policymakers, prison officers, and even some inmates, the authors provide a fresh and original perspective on the subject. Their intention is to offer an accessible and engaging account of the Norwegian approach to corrections, and to promote a better understanding of what makes it so successful.
In the picture from the left: Are Høidal, Nina Hanssen and Christo Brand, the former prison officer of Nelson Mandela.
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