31 Oct 2023

ICPA Correctional Excellence Awards 2023: Celebrating the Best in the Field

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the ICPA Correctional Excellence Awards 2023, recognizing exceptional achievements in the field of corrections and criminal justice. These awards celebrate individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to advancing professionalism, humanitarian approaches, and the overall mission of the ICPA.
President’s Award: Lady Edwina Grosvenor
Lady Edwina Grosvenor, through her organization One Small Thing in the United Kingdom, has played a pivotal role in redesigning the justice system for women and their children. One Small Thing focuses on trauma-informed and gender-responsive programs, educating justice system personnel on the impact of trauma, and influencing policy makers.
Head of Service Award: Dr. Ivan Zinger
Dr. Ivan Zinger, from the Office of the Correctional Investigator in Canada, has dedicated his career to improving conditions of confinement and championing dignified treatment for prisoners. His systemic investigations have had a profound impact on correctional outcomes and have been widely recognized in academic journals and court decisions.
Reducing Reoffending Award: A Restorative Justice Education Intervention with Prison Inmates in Lesotho & Horses of Hope Equine Programme, Irish Prison Service, Ireland.
Phoenix Zululand, operating in several prisons in Lesotho, has been instrumental in reducing reoffending through restorative justice programs. Their commitment to restoring self-worth, dignity, and relationships among ex-prisoners and their families has had a transformative impact on the lives of those reintegrating into society.
Horses of Hope Equine Programme, led by the Irish Prison Service in Ireland, is another winner in this category. Their innovative approach, in partnership with the Irish Horse Racing community, goes beyond practical horsemanship skills. It empowers participants to develop as individuals, take on responsibility, and build confidence for successful reintegration.
The Gary Hill Memorial Award for Staff Wellbeing and Development: Unlocked Graduates
Unlocked Graduates in England and Wales is recognized for its commitment to building the next generation of prison officers and correctional leaders. Their unique proposition of recruiting high-achieving and diverse university graduates as frontline prison officers, with comprehensive training and support, drives culture change from within and supports prisoner rehabilitation.
Research Award: Dr. Rosemary Ricciardelli
Dr. Rosemary Ricciardelli, from Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada, has made significant contributions to correctional research, particularly in understanding gender, vulnerabilities, and risk within the criminal justice system. Her internationally recognized work sheds light on community re-entry and the experiences of correctional officers and staff.
Community Corrections Award: Rehabilitation Directorate, Community Corrections
Corrective Services NSW in Australia has been acknowledged for the outstanding projects and activities undertaken by its Rehabilitation Directorate, improving community corrections within New South Wales. Their commitment to intensive management of high-risk offenders has contributed to enhancing community safety and reducing recidivism.
Correctional Healthcare Award: Grace Butler
Grace Butler, through Foundation Genesis and Health through Walls in the Dominican Republic, has been instrumental in improving health outcomes for incarcerated individuals. Their collaborative efforts have ensured support for the detection and care of HIV and other communicable diseases in the Dominican Prison system, enabling rehabilitation and good health.
Outstanding Correctional Service Employee Award: Jail Superintendent Xavier Awican Solda
Jail Superintendent Xavier Awican Solda, from the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology in the Philippines, has demonstrated tireless dedication to improving the lives of incarcerated individuals. Described as "the voice of the destitute and the forgotten," his actions have directly advanced the rights, welfare, and transformation of those in custody.
Congratulations to all the winners of the ICPA Awards 2023! Their outstanding contributions and commitment to excellence have made a significant impact in the field of corrections and criminal justice.