02 Mar 2022

ICPA takes part in the staff training for the Nigerian Correctional Service

ICPA President speaks about Community service and the community in national development.



The Non-custodial unit of the Nigerian Correctional Service organises online training for its correctional staff. The topic of the event is “Non-Custodial Measures in National Development”. The training will be on 10 March 2022 at 19:00h Brussels/Abuja time. The training agenda includes the following speakers and presentations:

Dr Ariel King, Founder and President, Ariel Foundation International
Non-custodial measures and Media in justice reformation.

Pia Puolakka, Project Manager, Smart Prison project, Criminal Sanctions Agency, Finland
The essence of Non-custodial measures in Government development.

Peter Severin, President, ICPA
Community service and the community in National Development.

Mrs Caroline Etuk, Director, Enugu State Multi-Door Courthouse
Relevance of Restorative justice to the society and its impact in National Development

Dr Andy Young, Negotiator and Psychological Consultant, Sherrif’s Office, Lubbock
Negotiating Crisis on the front line.

The training will be accessible to the broader public. If you would like to take part, please get in touch with: [email protected]  | +234(0)8036934507