ICPA Annual Conference 2024

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A huge thank you to all of our Sponsors and Exhibitors who are supporting the 26th Annual Conference in Singapore! As an attendee, you can visit them in our exhibition area.

Major Sponsors 


Management & Training Corporation 

At MTC, we help thousands of people change their lives.  From preparing young people in Job Corps to succeed in the workforce to helping incarcerated men and women change their lives through evidence-based programs to providing quality medical care to people in need, MTC is making a worldwide social impact.  

Telio Group

Telio serves the world of Corrections. Our technologies and services improve life in prison – on both sides of the door. Providing legal and innovative communications, we enable communications and prepare inmates for return. Our systems help staff to improve efficiency and to create a safe and healthy prison environment! Passion and creativity paired with years of experience enable the Telio team to deliver the best solution and service!

ViaPath Technologies

ViaPath Technologies has a straight forward mission – to help break the cycle of incarceration through transformative technology and services for incarcerated individuals, their support network, correctional agencies, and returning citizens. We are a leading global technology company that is focused on connecting people, providing advanced communications and management solutions that facilitate meaningful connections, offering educational opportunities, and enabling successful reentry for 1.6 million incarcerated individuals.



Honeywell is a $40b company with a global knowledge network and industry leading technology. Our local teams are empowered and equipped to bring that personal touch – this keeps the things that matter the most running smoothly. Honeywell provides a safe and secure foundation, and an innovative mindset to develop each jurisdiction’s capability and service outputs into the future. Our local teams are passionate bout the value of integrating surveillance and security with a support and well-being model. Working together, the future is what we make it.

Serco specialises in the discovery, design and delivery of essential public services. With a primary focus on serving leading governments around the world, Serco’s operations are powered by more 50,000 colleagues spanning justice, immigration, defence, space and urban mobility. Our core capabilities include service design and consulting, resourcing, complex programme management, systems integration, engineering, asset management and case management. Our power to drive innovation and support customers at every stage of the service delivery process – from conception to operation – is underpinned by Serco’s unique service operating model. We transfer emerging best practice, create innovative solutions that deliver positive impact and address some of the most urgent and complex challenges facing the modern world.
Unilink Software
Unilink is an internationally recognised company founded in 1994 that specialises in providing cutting-edge integrated solutions for Corrections. With a highly skilled team of over two hundred professionals, we utilize our extensive expertise to continuously improve and advance our technology offerings. Working closely with correctional experts and global authorities, we have developed a comprehensive range of solutions to address the specific needs of the industry. Our solutions have made a significant impact on various agencies in the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, supporting prison, probation, and immigration services in achieving their goals.