Innovation in Prisons Infrastructure Conference (IPIC)

Call for Papers and Submission Guidelines

Theme: Sustainable Planning and Design for Better Corrections
Call for Papers is closed now. 
Should I Present?
Yes! We would like to encourage people from all different backgrounds to take part in this exciting event, including:
  • Architects
  • Constructors
  • Logistic and maintenance specialists
  • Public and private sector stakeholders
  • Individuals with lived experience
  • Academics
  • NGOs and other International Agencies
  • Director Generals / higher management
  • Products and software providers
Private and not-for-profit organisations should consider co-presenting with public sector partners where appropriate.
What Should Presentations Cover?
We welcome all submissions relating to the 2024 IPIC theme of Sustainable Planning and Design for Better Corrections. Of particular interest are Design Solutions, Research, and Operational Practices that relate to the 2024 IPIC tracks:
  1. Operational-led Design, Providing Design Solutions that Support Improvements in Program and/or Service Delivery Outcomes.
Under Track One, we are looking for papers on innovative design solutions that can help improve, or have assisted the delivery of, programs and services, and papers that consider how operations can be enhanced or restricted by design and infrastructure.
  1. Where and How to Invest Resources for Change.
Under Track Two, we are particularly interested in papers that consider the cost of reoffending, the comparison of community-based to carceral environments, and innovative methods for involving people in custody.
  1. Can Technology Actually Increase Sustainability and Improve Outcomes?
Under Track Three, we are looking for papers that outline available and future uses of technology to improve outcomes and reduce energy consumption, and/or consider the challenges presented by new technologies and how correctional facilities can address these.
We also welcome papers that consider how innovation in construction technologies, the use of off-site / modular fabrication, and other innovations (e.g., Generative AI) will impact on future design, construction, and operational practices.
  1. Creation of Normalised Environments
Under Track Four, we are looking for evidence-based papers that link the benefits of designing more humane correctional facilities and creating normalised living environments leads to better outcomes.

Elements include access to natural light, fresh air, movable furniture, softer finishes and fixtures, soothing colors, single bedrooms versus double and multiple-occupancy rooms, increased privacy and control over the space, small size housing units and smaller scale facilities, and campus environments, etc.
We welcome all form evidence, including anecdotal data, inmate/staff surveys, and post-occupancy evaluations, etc.
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