Technology in Corrections Conference (TIC)



ICPA and EuroPris' fifth Technology in Corrections conference is made possible thanks to the support of our sponsors. As an attendee, you can visit them in our exhibition area.

Platinum Sponsors 


İnnova IT Solutions

Established in 1999, İnnova is a leading Turkish IT firm under Türk Telekom since 2007. The company drives sustainable growth and technological transformation by enhancing clients' efficiency and performance through innovative solutions. İnnova has a robust R&D backbone, enabling it to anticipate sector demands, create cutting-edge solutions, and initiate industry-wide changes. It offers a wide range of solutions, including financial technologies under the PayFlex brand, IoT solutions with SkywaveIoT, legal receivables tracking with LEGA, healthcare technology with HICAMP, and network management with Network 360. Other solutions include robotic process automation, e-Business, document management, and service quality management. İnnova also provides outsourcing, consultancy, and a host of system integration services. The company utilizes SAP, CRM, IT governance, and project management in third-party products and services. İnnova has received over 80 prestigious awards in the last eight years.

Securitas Technology

Securitas Technology Turkey is an integrator of security technologies and business intelligence solutions, offering brand-independent solutions tailored to the needs of 12 different sectors. It has been serving as an industry leader since 1994, with nearly 300 expert employees and a technical team located in 16 different cities across Turkey. Securitas Technology Turkey provides technological solutions for security and operational efficiency in areas such as Retail, Banking­Finance, Commercial-Industrial facilities, Aviation, Public-Justice, Energy, Education, Tourism and Hospitality, Healthcare, Sports, Transportation and Logistics, and Data Centers. 

Securitas Technology Turkey offers solutions in the categories of security and business intelligence. In the security technologies category, there are solutions for video surveillance, access control, fire detection, voice announcement systems, burglary alarm, and electronic product tracking. In the business intelligence category, solutions include personnel attendance tracking systems, RFID asset and inventory management, real-time location tracking, traffic !analysis, electronic price tag, and loss prevention management. 

Telio Group

Telio, your partner in building stronger communities through good corrections. For the past 25 years, Telio has been evolving the correctional landscape. We have done that by considering the needs of everyone involved. Telio’ s approach goes beyond mere business. It’s a dedicated effort to assist in the social reintegration of inmates. At Telio, we’re fully committed to partnering with you to create modern socially responsible solutions. Headquartered in Germany, Telio operates globally with jurisdictions across Europe, the UAE, Africa, North America and Australia. Telio develops, installs, and operates technologies that include but are not limited to video interaction platforms, digital phone services for correctional facilities, digital services for inmates and staff, and mobile detection and neutralization. Telio proudly supports the Connecting Hearts Foundation that helps children of prisoners.

Gold Sponsors

CAIRN ADVISORY_300x300.png
Cairn Advisory
Cairn was established to bridge the historical gap between technology suppliers, system integrators and Government agencies around the world by developing workflows/business rules that create genuinely innovative outcomes coupled to low operational risk. We are creating a greater level of relevant integration and empower our customers to make efficient and accurate decisions. With a focus on the transition period of incarceration through to parole and eventual rehabilitation the solutions will manage/profile interviews/visits, complete biometric enrolment and a selection of electronic monitoring options ranging from house arrest through to smart watch/phone applications operating in tight unison with biometrics.  
Gosafe is a dynamic leader in GPS Tracking products and services. Gosafe Company Limited was incorporated in 1999 with a vision to develop and distribute hardware and software solutions that utilize existing wireless network infrastructures to provide web-based vertical applications to commercial customers as well as consumers. Our cutting-edge technology and meticulous attention to detail make us the trusted choice for law enforcement agencies and concerned citizens alike. By offering advanced GPS solutions, we offer peace of mind to families, peace of justice to victims, and a bridge to rehabilitation for offenders. Together, let's continue to navigate towards a safer and more inclusive society.
For over 40 years, MHS has provided trusted data-driven solutions across our core disciplines: Clinical, Education, Talent Development, and Public Safety. Science and research are the basis of MHS’s roots and future innovations. With new standards for toolsets, we help clients evaluate, track, and leverage human-centric data to help realize full potential. We are guided by a clearly articulated digital trust framework to ensure that the rights and privacy of our clients are always protected. We strive for fairness and equity in the development and deployment of the products we make, the solutions we provide, and in the people we lead.
Unilink, an award-winning international company established in 1994, is the leading provider of state-of-the-art integrated solutions for the Corrections, Justice, and Immigration sectors. With over two hundred staff today we are investing in a vision for the future that builds on years of experience, knowledge and expertise from specialising in these sectors. Our proven technology is at the forefront of the digital transformation journey with a rich portfolio of solutions built in close collaboration with correctional professionals and international subject-matter experts. Unilink’s proven solutions already implemented in an extensive customer base help prison, probation and immigration services across the world achieve their goals.

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors