ID: NEWS-080124 18 Jan 2024

External Prison Oversight and Human Rights Network Sheds Light on Women in Places of Detention

In its 9th newsletter, the External Prison Oversight and Human Rights Network puts a spotlight on the global issue of women in places of detention. The comprehensive publication brings into focus the stark realities of legal gender inequality worldwide and the urgent need for justice reform.

The External Prison Oversight and Human Rights Network has recently unveiled its 9th newsletter, which turns the spotlight on an issue of global significance: External Oversight and Women in Places of Detention. This publication comes at a critical time, echoing the imperative need for gender equality and justice in legal systems worldwide.
In this comprehensive newsletter, the network delves into the World Bank's 2022 report, "Women, Business and the Law". The report assesses legal gender equality across 190 economies, using a multi-faceted approach that includes eight key indicators. The findings are startling, revealing that in only 12 economies do women stand on an equal legal footing with men.
Despite advancements in women's rights over the past four decades, the newsletter reinforces that women and girls continue to grapple with gross inequalities, including unequal access to justice. The often overlooked plight of incarcerated women is brought to the fore. More than 740,000 women and girls globally are incarcerated, with the majority serving sentences for non-violent offences, a predicament often tied to poverty and financial constraints.
In this edition, readers will find an array of thought-provoking articles that delve into the gender gap behind bars during the pandemic, the rights of women prisoners in Canada, and the experience of women in detention in New Zealand, among others.
The aim of the External Prison Oversight and Human Rights Network is to foster a global exchange of information, best practices, and lessons learned among agencies responsible for external prison oversight. This latest newsletter exemplifies their commitment to spotlighting urgent issues and promoting dialogue to drive change.