ID: NEWS-280224 28 Mar 2024

Groundbreaking Conference on Health in Detention to Be Held in Africa

The 1st African Conference on Health in Detention will take place from 3 - 5 July 2024 in Nairobi, Kenya

A pivotal conference focusing on health in detention, one of the most pressing human rights issues of our time, is set to take place. The event is being organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), in partnership with Kenya Prison Services, the Ministry of Health of Kenya, Africa CDC, the African Correctional Services Association (ACSA), and the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA).
The conference aims to promote respect for the right to health of persons deprived of liberty, providing a platform to debate concerns, exchange ideas, present research, and propose solutions to significant challenges in this field. It will focus on several key topics, including the integration of international laws and standards on detention and health in national and regional policies, strengthening health systems in detention, and addressing both infectious and non-communicable diseases.
The 1st African Conference on Health in Detention will bring together practitioners and managers from African countries, international organizations, and researchers to take stock of effective prison health policies and practices and promote a whole-of-government approach to health in detention.
The ICRC, a neutral and independent organization, is at the forefront of ensuring that the dignity and well-being of persons deprived of liberty are respected. They work tirelessly to ensure that detaining authorities respect detainees' right to receive appropriate healthcare at all stages of detention.
This conference promises to be a significant step forward in tackling the challenges of health in detention and improving outcomes for those affected.