ID: ICPA2023vPID219 23 Oct 2023
by Olivia Rope

ICPA2023-PID219 - Olivia Rope

Humanity and Dignity in Corrections

Aligned with the theme of the ICPA2023 conference, “Humane Corrections: What more can we do”, the keynote speech by Penal Reform International’s Executive Director, Olivia Rope, reflects on the practical implications of humanity in criminal justice. The presenter assesses the state of the world’s prisons, drawing on the organisation’s annual flagship publication, Global Prison Trends, and insights from over 30 years of experience in working with professionals and systems in penal reform across 90 countries.

The presentation includes an overview of what PRI identifies as the most pressing and emerging challenges in delivering humane corrections. It highlights both the common challenges and varying capacities to address them among the world's most advanced, well-resourced systems and those operating in low-resource, fragile, or conflict-affected states.

The keynote explores the development of systems that effectively support rehabilitation and social reintegration, thereby transforming lives upon return to the community. Insights and recommendations are shared on how to create and sustain criminal justice systems, including prisons, that prioritize humanity and place human rights at the forefront.