ID: NEWS-230323 23 Mar 2023

Invitation to join e-Delphi Expert Group - Submit your expression of interest

Invitation to join the expert ICPA group in order to identify best practice to achieve effective post incarceration rehabilitation and reintegration in an optimal integrated multi-agency Throughcare model using a modified e-‘Delphi’ technique.

Various international human rights treaties (for example The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Convention on the Rights of the Child) and normative standards (for example Mandela Rules, Bangkok Rules, Beijing Rules, Tokyo Rules, Riyadh Guidelines) underpin the need for effective and comprehensive reintegration programmes based on transition planning and various social/health re-integration support interventions as a means of preventing further crime and protecting society. Return to the community is however a period of substantial stress, often high risk in terms of health threats, and require a myriad of health and social supports. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (2018) advocates for an integrated “Throughcare” system wide approach. There is currently no established best practice in this area.

We as the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) Healthcare Network write to invite you to join an expert panel who will complete a two round e-Delphi’ survey designed to identify best practice to achieve effective reintegration in an optimal integrated multi-agency “Throughcare” model.
In Round One (March 28th to April 7th 2023 approximately ) you will be asked to score the importance of including a particular outcome in a core outcome set on a scale of 1-9. In Round 2 (April 17th to April 26th approximately) you will be shown the distribution of scores from other participants along with the score that you attributed to an outcome. You will be asked to reflect, and rescore if you want to, having been shown the views of the other participants. Through this process a consensus will be reached on which core set of outcomes should be used in interventions to optimise effective post incarceration rehabilitation and reintegration within the multi-agency Throughcare approach.
The identity of all expert group members will remain confidential at all times. Participation in the study is voluntary and you are free to withdraw your participation at any time, without explanation and without incurring a disadvantage at any point up until you submit the Round 1 and 1survey. As the survey is anonymous it is not possible to withdraw your contribution at that point.
The study has received ethical approval from the Liverpool John Moores University, UK and ICPA ethics committee. If you are interested in joining the expert ICPA group to conduct the Delphi process and commit to completing two rounds of surveys, please email the ‘Expression of Interest’ form to Professor Marie Claire Van Hout, email: [email protected].