14 Apr 2023

SAW Project: A worldwide data-sharing platform for the global supervision arena

The SAW Project gets 501(c)3 status and continues to support the community corrections field in the midst of transformational change.

We are excited to announce that the Supervision Around the World (SAW) Project has become its own standalone non-profit corporation. ICPA has been supportive of the SAW Project since its inception, and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship and encouraging their great work in creating a worldwide data-sharing platform aimed at bringing positive change to the field of global supervision.
Out of 195 countries around the world, there is currently no existing database that provides examples of current practices in the field of community corrections. The SAW Project has been making efforts to identify countries that offer supervision services, interviewing practitioners, documenting current practices, and building relationships with key administrators. Through these efforts, they are creating an impressive interactive online repository of information that will benefit community corrections colleagues worldwide.
You can watch an informative video about the mission and specific activities of the SAW Project here: