ID: NEWS-010223 01 Feb 2024

Vacancy: Deputy Superintendent in the prison in Anguilla

The job holder will have responsibility for influencing and championing prison policies and ensuring delivery to prisoners and staff. This is an operational job with line management responsibilities.

Job Title: Deputy Superintendent
Salary Scale: D  EC$123,720.00
Department: H M Prison
Job Type: Full Time
Deadline: 02/10/2024 11:50:00

To coordinate and monitor the daily operations of the Prison, to ensure compliance with established regulations and achievement of work targets. To lead on the daily operations of the establishment on behalf of the Superintendent. The job holder will have responsibility for influencing and championing prison policies and ensuring delivery to prisoners and staff. This is an operational job with line management responsibilities.


  1. Provide leadership, direction and mentoring for managers and staff within the establishment through briefings, building formal and informal relationships, and effective communication on behalf of the Superintendent.
  2. Promote Prison Service policy in all activities and behaviours by promoting diversity, decency, safety and reducing re-offending agendas.
  3. Contribute to the preparation of the establishment contingency and emergency plans and ensure implementation when required.
  4. Contribute to the strategic thinking, effective ways of working and finding solutions for failing systems.
  5. Contribute to the development and delivery of the medium-to-long term strategic and business plan for the establishment and continuous strategic development of the establishment through the SMT.



  1. Carry out adjudications and monitor the fairness and consistency of those carried out by Heads of Functions.
  2. Contribute to local employee relations maintaining and building relationships and partnerships where possible.
  3. Oversee the decisions made around Release On Temporary License (ROTL) and re-categorisation following appropriate risk assessments.
  4. Chair and represent the establishment at internal and external stakeholder/ community meetings, setting objectives and direction of work and reviewing any current threats when required.
  5. Respond to requests and complaints on behalf of the Superintendent.
  6. Manage budgets in accordance with the financial procedures outlined in the budget delegation.
  7. Contribute to the performance and delivery of targets relating to the budget.
  8. Ensure the SMT and Principal Officers are visible throughout the establishment and personally carry out regular visits to all areas.
  9. Assume the responsibility for ensuring that Heads of Functions adhere to action plans as a result of audits/findings/reports/investigations/incidents.
  10. Ensure that all managers and staff within the functions are held accountable for providing decent conditions and that a safe working environment is maintained for prisoners and staff.
  11. Ensure effective systems are in place for monitoring all prisoner’s mail to prevent unauthorized articles or inappropriate content from entering or leaving the prison.


  1. Act as a catalyst for change, model change and build capacity for managing change throughout the ministry/department/organization. Influence others to translate vision into action.
  2. Create and support a culture that focuses on creativity, innovation and knowledge.
  3. Promote a culture of open and transparent communication.
  4. Embrace technology by utilizing all available ICT/media/mass communication to ensure that relevant messages and/or responses to the services offered are disseminated accurately, courteously and on time.
  5. Hold up the Leadership Statement as a mirror to your own behavior in a challenging and constructive way.
  6. Foster a culture of teamwork and collaboration.
  7. Participate in disaster management activities designed to prepare for, mitigate against and respond to disaster events.
  8. Develop and implement strategies for improving and maintaining a high level of Customer Service in the public sector.


  2. Report to Superintendent of Prisons.
  3. Line-manage the Head of Security and Head of Custody.
  4. Liaise with department heads, security personnel, law enforcement agencies, medical authorities and the families of prisoners.

Authorized to:

  1. Coordinate the supervision of all staff and prisoners.
  2. Enforce prison regulations and procedures.
  3. Oversee security inspections.


1. Disciplinary Reports
2. Assessment Reports
3. Categorization Reports
4. Incident Reports       
5. Illness Reports 


The Extent to which

  1. Prison security procedures are followed.
  2. Prison’s kitchen, laundry, stores and related facilities are adequately maintained.



The job is responsible for the coordination and monitoring of the day to day operations of the Prison and supervision of all staff to ensure that custodial standards are maintained.


The post holder will provide day-to-day management within the establishment and must have thorough knowledge of all security, safety and custodial procedures relating to area of work. The post holder will need to be able to deal effectively and assertively with staff at all levels, and will need excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

These knowledge, skills and abilities are normally supported by the acquisition of a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Psychology, Criminology or related behavioural science and at least four years in a similar or related job. However, consideration may be given to an applicant who does not possess a bachelor’s degree, but who possesses the relevant experience as Head of Function in either the United Kingdom or the Caribbean. Working in the Caribbean is above all about understanding and working with the prevalent culture and values, so this would be an exciting challenge for the right candidate.