Corrections Technology Conference

Our Sponsors & Exhibitors 

A huge thank you to all of our Sponsors and Exhibitors who are supporting the CTC 2023 event! As an attendee, you can visit them in our exhibition area.

Major Sponsors 



Ericom stands at the forefront when it comes to delivering high-quality technology solutions that inspire extraordinary human experiences to thrive. With the landscape of technology changing at rapid pace, the demand to supply risk reduced, secure, and agile solutions has become ever paramount. Our job is to remain so focused on the people we’re tasked to support and their goals, that our technology solutions become virtually invisible. Our technology services complement our extensive mobility, connectivity, collaboration, cloud, managed services, and security offerings. They provide access to experienced specialists who can streamline IT operations, facilitate stress-free projects and keep IT maintenance costs to a minimum. With over 30 years’ experience working across numerous industries and government organisations, Ericom’s leadership team is committed to deliver best practice across all business verticals.

Honeywell International Inc.

Honeywell is a $40b company with a global knowledge network and industry leading technology. Our local teams are empowered and equipped to bring that personal touch – this keeps the things that matter the most running smoothly. Honeywell provides a safe and secure foundation, and an innovative mindset to develop each jurisdiction’s capability and service outputs into the future. Our local teams are passionate about the value of integrating surveillance and security with a support and well-being model. Working together, the future is what we make it.

Telio Group

Communication and information are basic human needs that should no longer be regarded as a privilege in correctional facilities. But rather as an important contribution to institutional peace and social rehabilitation. Telio develops, installs and operates communications and media systems that ensure just that. Every system adheres to the highest security standards, simplifies work processes significantly and has a rehabilitating effect. With them as your partner, you will benefit from our extensive expertise: since 1998, Telio has specialised exclusively in this field and is today arguably the most competent partner in this segment in all of Europe and the UAE.


Ventia is one of the largest essential services providers in Australia and New Zealand. We proudly provide the services that keep infrastructure working for our communities. We have a diverse and proud heritage combined with a track record for delivering the best outcomes for our clients and the communities in which we operate. With an unwavering focus on safety, we operate around the clock to get the job done. Done safely, sustainably, cost-effectively and together.