30 May 2022

Get Smart on Crime - The Netherlands Helsinki Committee's New Video

The importance of probation explained as the global prison population reaches about 11 million

The Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC), in cooperation with the Center for International Legal Cooperation, and the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, have recently published a video which aims to explain the benefits of probation services to decision-makers and stakeholders within criminal justice. In this video, produced by Francis Camstra from Tas Films, people who have implemented, studied and lived probation give a different perspective that shows probation is possible and needed.
The world faces a significant problem, with a prison population reaching about 11 million. The NHC challenges the old system by asking," is there a way out of this cycle, a better approach to imprisonment geared towards true rehabilitation?". Prison reform is needed, especially in countries which use incarceration as a major tool for justice. Watch the video below, and feel free to share with us your experience.