ID: NEWS-120224 12 Feb 2024

Renowned Experts Jan Kleijssen and Jean-Marc Zbinden Announced as Keynote Speakers for TIC and IPIC 2024

We are thrilled to announce our keynote speakers for the upcoming Technology in Corrections Conference (TIC) and the Innovative Prisons Infrastructure Conference (IPIC). These esteemed individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our discussions, and we anticipate their insights will significantly enrich the conferences.

Technology in Corrections Conference (TIC)
For TIC, we're excited to welcome Mr. Jan Kleijssen as a keynote speaker. With 40 years at the Council of Europe, Mr. Kleijssen has been pivotal in shaping policies in Human Rights, Rule of Law, and Democracy. His expertise spans from leading initiatives in AI, Cybercrime, and Prison Management to establishing the Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAI).
Recognised as an authority in AI regulation and a recipient of the 2023 AI Policy Leader Government Award, Mr. Kleijssen brings invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of technology in corrections. Join us for an enlightening session with Mr. Kleijssen, a distinguished figure whose career embodies a commitment to innovation and ethical governance in the digital age.
Innovative Prisons Infrastructure Conference (IPIC)
Our IPIC conference will feature Jean-Marc Zbinden as our keynote speaker. Zbinden currently serves as a Water and Habitat (Wathab) Advisor for the Persons Deprived of Liberty Unit at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Head Quarter. In this role, he develops technical and institutional guidance and policy on public health engineering in detention on a global scale.
Prior to his current role, Zbinden served as a Wathab Regional Coordinator in Bangkok. He advised ICRC teams in the Asia and Pacific region on Public Health Engineering issues, with a specific emphasis on detention matters. He also represented the ICRC at the Asian Conference for Correctional Facilities Architects and Planners’ (ACCFA) board of governance.
Zbinden joined the ICRC in 2001, and has served in various roles including Wathab Engineer and Wathab Coordinator in numerous countries. His work has involved diverse activities such as well rehabilitation and construction, internal displaced camps follow-up, clinic and hospital rehabilitation and construction, and urban water treatment plant rehabilitation.
Zbinden's presentation will focus on the impact of climate change on prison populations and the need for increased resilience and preparedness in detention facilities. He will discuss the importance of understanding climate hazards prison authorities are facing, and how improving infrastructures resilience can lead to a better withstand of the system against new climate shocks. Zbinden will also share about the ICRC's principled prison planning and design process, which focuses on four key principles: Do no harm, Maintain a maximum of normality, Promote health and personal growth, and Maintain connection with society.
We look forward to learning from Zbinden's vast experience and deep insights. His keynote will undoubtedly add great value to our conference and our ongoing conversation about the intersection of climate change, public health, and detention facilities.

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