ID: ICPA2023vPID207 24 Oct 2023
by Terry Hackett

ICPA2023-PID207 - Terry Hackett

Humanity in Detention: What About the Voice of People Deprived of Freedom?

When we are seeking to make prisons more humane, we must begin first by understanding the problems and not just the needs. How can the voice of Persons Deprived of Liberty and those who have lived experience in places of detention be incorporated into the understanding of the systemic causes that undermine our collective approach to Humane Corrections? Building off the ICRC’s approach of ensuring the voice of detainees is at the center of our work in places of detention globally, this session will explore how the voice of Persons Deprived of Liberty can be at the center of discussions on various topics related to prison management including:
  • Prison Planning design and maintenance
  • Health care
  • Nutrition and food chain management
  • Policy and Rules Development and application